Annual report 2019

This report outlines N ́weti’s annual performance – January to December 2019 in light of the key institutional commitments that form part of the 2019 Annual Operating Plan. N’weti’s performance is presented with reference to four institutional strategic areas, the namely: (i) Health Promotion, (ii) Health Services Quality Monitoring, (iii) Policy Advocacy and (iv) Institutional Development. N’weti’s actions embodying this report are also based on the following interventions: HLAYISA, Kusingata, Nweti-Zambézia, Programa Integrado de Planeamento Familiar (IFPP), Projecto “Vale a Pena”, Projeto Mulheres e Raparigas Saudáveis (MRS), Netting Malária; Diálogos Comunitários sobre Casamentos Prematuros; Unpacking DAH in Mozambique; Projeto FMO – MAIS e Child Grant.

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